Engeki Quest – The Rainbow Masseur Reflection

Vanessa Lai
Engeki Quest – The Rainbow Masseur Reflection

“Engeki Quest – The Rainbow Masseur” is one of the most interesting projects I have participated in – from the inspiring team, different people we encountered in the Choi Hung area to all the active participants who shared with us their journeys. All these elements have contributed to the success of the whole project.

Remember they asked me why I would like to apply for the apprentice scheme for the very first time, I told that because I love walking a lot, especially during night time. It is always the best time for me to ponder and take some good rest from the hectic life in the city. By taking part in this project, I would need to assist artists Chikara Fujiwara and Minori Sumiyoshiyama with the research of the Choi Hung area. We did not only search for the information online, but also spent time on talking to different neighbors in the area. This kind of interaction has made the project even more exciting. They were so nice that they were willing to share their stories with us – some have even become our friends now.

I did walk a lot in this project and I enjoyed it a lot – the Engeki Quest has led us to many unknowns – the weirdly quiet residential area in the city, the over-crowded Instagrammer playground and the old clock and optical shop. We could learn about the history and stories of people by going on a solo journey. I truly hope that people would take time to spend time on their own. The unexpected things are always fascinating - I really hope that people could spend more time to explore the world and our neighborhood is always a good start.

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