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Programme Overview
To what extent could Kwun Tong be related to “romance”? The district is where old industrial buildings are demolished for new business high-rises, but there are indeed so much more than merely business talks here. Where there are people, there are love stories; where there are love stories, there are breakups. From bits and pieces of audio traces, you are now an investigator specialising in breakup cases. Dashing through streets and lanes of Kwun Tong, soon you will realise the seemingly most mundane corner of the city is where love grows and deteriorates. You are cordially recruited as one of the investigators of the “Breakup Research Institute” to re-read Kwun Tong through intellectual debates and romantic imagination.
Date and Time
19 Mar (Sun) 5-6pm
26 Mar (Sun) 5-6pm
2 Apr (Sun) 5-6pm
23 Apr (Sun) 5-6pm
14 May (Sun) 5-6pm
21 May (Sun) 5-6pm
Kwun Tong
Programme Enquires and Reservation
2582 0211 (Mondays to Fridays during 11am-6pm. except public holidays)
Ticketing / Admission
$50/ person/ session
Guest Curator
Curator Bio
Thealosophers is a combination of ‘Theatre’ and ‘Philosophers’, representing an art collective who questions and explores the philosophies of our daily life through the medium of theatre. Thealosophers include anyone who are curious about their life. This consistent questioning and dedication to search for answers in a creative way marks the distinctive style of Thealosophers’ productions.
Curator's Note
Every love relationship has its own fatal flaw; "Breakup Research Institute " is a unit specialized in investigating the cause of death in relationships. This time, the case took place on the stage of Kwun Tong from its opening to its end: the place of romantic encounter has turned into the battlefield of quarrels; at the former sweet dating spot, they can no longer draw up a blueprint for their love. "You" will follow two inspectors to visit different scenes in Kwun Tong, trace the faded footprints of love, integrate all evidences, piece up the face of the deceased love, and do justice to love.
Deadline for Event's Registration
Quota is limited on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Programme will be conducted in Cantonese.
  • Successful applicants will receive an email for confirmation and payment details.
  • The content of this activity does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
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