1-Minute 1-Act (March)

Walk Art
1-Minute 1-Act (March)
Programme Overview
Here comes the bravery test: do you dare to intervene the public space with physical theatre and sound performance? A guided tour led by artists, here is your chance to stage an improvised act. Let’s understand the city through the different sounds collected, and feel the city by improvising. We are all too used to stay indifferent and invisible in the crowd, but there is always a window opened up for an active participation. Come and put up a 1-minute act in Wan Chai, you’d know there are always unexplored possibilities in our city space.
Date and Time
18 Mar (Sat) 4-5:30pm (Led by Jeff Leung)
24 Mar (Fri) 7:30-9pm (Led by Cheuk Wing Nam)
25 Mar (Sat) 4-5:30pm (Led by Jeff Leung)
31 Mar (Fri) 7:30-9pm (Led by Cheuk Wing Nam)
Wan Chai
Programme Enquires and Reservation
2582 0211 (Mondays to Fridays during 11am-6pm, except public holidays)
Ticketing / Admission
$50/ person/ session
Guest Curator
Cheuk Wing Nam, JeffLeung@ArtTank
Curator Bio
Cheuk Wing Nam is interested in the relationships between light and shadow, sound and space in her artwork. Besides Cheuk is an interdisciplinary artist making interactive installations, sound sculptures and music performance. LEUNG Chin-fung, Jeff, currently is an independent curator and part-time instructor in various universities. Jeff is engaged to curate different forms of exhibitions to promote Hong Kong contemporary art. He often contributes reviews on exhibitions in Hong Kong for his interest about exhibition history.
Curator's Note
I Don’t Want To Be A Normal White Collar (Led by Cheuk Wing Nam) Life is a composition of endless cycles. Going to work and leaving from work is a cycle. Graduation from schools, getting married and giving a birth to children is a cycle. Working in Monday to Friday, taking rest in Saturday and Sunday, then going back to work is the other cycle. There are endless cycles in your life. However, some thing and some objects around you actually may give you a break in a moment, even inspire you a new way of thinking, as long as you listen deeply and respond it. You still have chance to get out of these cycles and rethinking the surrounding things. There are various stories and memories about this centuried Wan Chai. Independent curator, Jeff Leung, will bring us to check out 7 locations and to take action in situ for building our own memories. Thus those may remind how the dialogue between art and history had happened over there.
Deadline for Event's Registration
Quota is limited on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Programme will be conducted in Cantonese.
  • Successful applicants will receive an email for confirmation and payment details.
  • The content of this activity does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
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