UNLESS by Dimitri de Perrot

埋嚟睇 Exhibition
UNLESS by Dimitri de Perrot
A sonic oasis in hectic Hong Kong
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Date and Time
13/7 - 24/7 10:00 - 22:00
1/F Atrium, Hysan Place
Free admission

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Programme Overview
Dimitri de Perrot’s new installation UNLESS is set in one of Hong Kong’s busiest city centre, reminding people to be mindful of those often overlooked, ordinary moments in daily life. The audience is taken on a scenic journey as they walk, sit or even lie down to listen to the music harmoniously interacting with its surrounding. It is a whimsical and almost meditative experience against the city’s hustle and bustle, allowing us to reflect our perception of speed and time and savour life’s seemingly trivial and sacred moments. Premiere on 13 July 2018.
Dimitri de Perrot
Dimitri de Perrot is an internationally awarded Swiss artist, musician & director. At the core of his re-search-based work is narration through and with sound and the exploration of new, trans-disciplinary forms of production between theatre, music and installation. In his recent works, Dimitri de Perrot is expanding the focus on areas such as fine art and public space. His projects and collaborations have toured internationally and had been performed around the world in the most renowned venues such as BAM New York, Tinguely Museum Basel, Barbican London or Centquatre Paris. Dimitri de Perrot lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.