Gone Wood

埋嚟玩 Site-specific Performance
Gone Wood
Hong Kong’s old Jianghu brought back to life in Kungfu and dance
Programme Album
Date and Time
6/7 (Fri) 16:00
6/7 (Fri) 17:00
13/7 (Fri) 16:00
13/7 (Fri) 17:00
Central Pier Waterfront (7 Man Yiu Street, Central)
Free admission
Programme Overview
Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and get a taste of the life of an itinerant entertainer! Presented by TS Studio, “Jianghu” - which used to mean making a living off martial arts, performing and fortune tell-ing - is a group dance performance that showcases superb tumbling and parkour skills, interweaving Kung Fu into dance movements. The performance wishes to bring back the good old days at the Sheung Wan Dai Tat Dei bazaar. Set right next to the Victoria Harbour, the bazaar was a thriving hub of entertainment where performers would put on shows everyday, hence its nickname the “Poor Man’s Night Club”. The bazaar came to an end in the early 1990s to make way for a reclamation project. Accompanied by music of Erhu, the performance is a dance as much as it’s a martial arts competition, where performers will be working with wooden stools. Who knows, you might even be invited by the performers to join to compete! But fear not, it is all about sharpening one an-other, not at the expense of your safety. Just remember to return the stools to the performers!
Hugh Cho
Graduated from The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, major in Contemporary Dance. In 2010-14, he was resident artist of Unlock Dancing Plaza. Cho is the co-founder of TS Studio, and also Artistic Director of TS Crew. His work Made in Hong Kong from 2014, performed in numerous cities in Asia, also performed in Tanzmesse in 2016. Along, a solo work about Bruce Lee’s philosophy in Martial Arts, premiered in 2017, it was chosen to be one of the best premier of the year by Europe Dance Magazine. In 2018, Cho developed the piece into a group work, and was invited to different countries in Asia, including Korea, Japan, Beijing and Taiwan etc. Performer : TS Crew Each members is unique, they have their own specialty such as Taekwondo, Stuntman, Parkour, Capoeira, Contemporary Dance, Street Dance, Chinese Dance, Martial Arts, Lion Dance, Tricking and Gymnastic. Photo Credit : HKDX