ENGEKI QUEST – The Rainbow Masseur

埋嚟行 Thematic Walk
ENGEKI QUEST – The Rainbow Masseur
Urban exploration project in Choi Hung created by Japanese artist
Programme Album
Date and Time
28/7 (Sat) 13:00-16:45
28/7 (Sat) 15:00-18:45
29/7 (Sun) 13:00 -16:45
29/7 (Sun) 15:00-18:45
Choi Hung Estate
$220 /ticket with an Adventure Book
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Programme Overview
However familiar we are with our neigh-bourhood, it never ceases to amaze us with delightful surprises. “Thematic Walk – ENGEKI QUEST – The Rainbow Masseur”, an urban exploration project by the Japanese Artist Chikara Fuji-wara, is presenting its first production in Hong Kong in Choi Hung, Kowloon to celebrate the district’s hidden beauty through a foreigner’s perspective. Dominated by skyscrapers and defined by concrete, Hong Kong can feel alienating at times especially with its public and private space so clearly divided. Day to day we are constructing tangible and intangible walls, creating limits in our lives and narrowing our perspectives. As a “Rainbow Masseur”, you will first gather in Choi Hung where you will be given an adventure book. With the book, you can explore the city and discover its endless possibilities at your very own pace. Apart from the Insta-worthy, colourful Choi Hung estate, you will also get to visit other beautiful hidden gems in the district. You are welcome to share your highlights in the debriefing at the end and remember to hashtag as well!
Guest Curator:
Chikara Fujiwara
Born in Kochi (Japan) in 1977. The chief of BricolaQ. He is based in Yokohama and acting in various cities as a critic/ artist/ curator/ mentor/ dramaturg. In order to connect the world divided by walls, he produced ENGEKI QUEST in Yokohama, Kinosaki (Japan), Manila (Philippines), Düsseldorf (Ger-many), and Ansan (Korea). Assistant of Guest Curator : Minori Sumiyoshiyama Born in Osaka (Japan) in 1986. Artist, Dancer. She studied architecture Design at Kyoto Institute of Technology. Ashtanga Yoga instructor learned in India. She acted in various directors' works such as contemporary dance, buto, theater, and began her own creation since 2010. While collaborating with architects and musicians, she is exploring the relationship between landscape and body. She joined “Woman In A Port" in Manila 2017, and participated in “ENGEKI QUEST -Yokohama Passage-“ in TPAM fringe 2018.