Before Tomorrow.Fallen City

埋嚟行 Thematic Walk
Before Tomorrow.Fallen City
Listening to our city before it gets underwater
Programme Album
Date and Time
7/7 (Sat) 17:30 - 18:45
8/7 (Sun) 17:30 - 18:45
14/7 (Sat) 17:30 - 18:45
15/7 (Sun) 17:30 - 18:45
Sai Wan, Hong Kong
$150 /ticket
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Programme Overview
Can you imagine if your city will be underwater after 24 hours? What will you do? Global warming has become an increasingly pressing issue around the world. If the planet gets just four degrees warmer, Hong Kong is likely to end up underwater. The Victoria Harbour we so dearly loved has turned against us: rising waters carrying deadly viruses are threatening the health and livelihoods of millions of Hong Kong people, leaving everyone panic-stricken in deep water. We are separated from our loved ones with our lives hanging by a thread. Is there really nothing we can do to protect our home? You’re cordially invited on an adventure through the coastline in the Central and Western District, where you’ll get to slow down and listen to nature. The story all might sound made up to you, but climate change is a fact we cannot deny and we have to start pre-paring for what’s to come - it’s on us to change the way we live before it’s too late.
Concept & Playwright:
Thealosophers is a combination of ‘Theatre’ and ‘Philosophers’, representing an art collective who questions and explores the philosophies of our daily life through the medium of theatre. Thealosophers include anyone who are curious about their life. This consistent questioning and dedication to search for answers in a creative way marks the distinctive style of Thealosophers’ productions.